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Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Stocking my work in Wild At Heart Gift Shop

My greetings cards and Puffins Prints are now available to purchase in Wild At Heart!
Wild At Heart has two shops, one in Broadway and the other in Chipping Norton, selling lovely  jewellery, accessories and other gifts. I’m thrilled to have a selection of my stock for sale in their Broadway shop! So if any of you are in the Worcestershire or Oxfordshire area, pop in and take a look!

People seem to like my products, the first day they were for sale I managed to sell two of the dog greetings cards, one that looked like a ladies dog and one that looked like her friends dog! I thought this was really sweet. With any luck they will all sell!
I am looking to stock my work in other gift shops/galleries that are local to my studio in Hampshire as well as carrying on with my commissions and creating new designs for prints/greetings cards. If you have any suggestions for shops that you think my work would fit well in or ideas for new designs please let me know!


Tuesday, 12 March 2019

We Got A Dog!

If any of you guys look on the Beth Frost Art Facebook page, you would’ve seen we got a dog! I shared a couple of photos with you but didn’t really explain how it happened.

I’d like to introduce Sandy! Or Sandrew (like Andrew) or Baby Snoot as she is also know haha. She is a 3 year old (soon to be 4) working Cocker Spaniel with the prettiest face and a heart of gold. We were given her from relatives and are so happy to be able to give her a forever home! Previously living in the kennels outside, we were unsure how she’d cope coming inside permanently, but she’s been an angel!

We think she has had some sort of gun dog training from other previous owners as she loves chasing birds and diving in and out of bushes. She’s also picked up retrieving really quickly and loves her pheasant toy!

Sandy has just recently become a mum! Being pregnant when we first got her, we knew we’d have to give her back to have the puppies, but she’ll be back home with us as soon as her babies are grown up and gone to new homes. We thought she would have a big litter as she became very tubby! But she had three massive puppies instead, all strong and healthy.

Mr Beth Frost Art and I can’t wait to have her home, and I’m sure she’ll be the subject of a lot of my future paintings!


Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Biggest Commission I've ever done!

I haven’t written a blog post in a while as I’ve been super busy with commissions, moving house and life in general! But I wanted to share with you guys one of the commissions I did that was a bit out of the ordinary.

If you follow my work you can tell I am usually a watercolour painter, not venturing past paper much bigger than A3. This commission however was on canvas and done with acrylic paints/mixed media! I used to do a lot of acrylic painting at college and university so I accepted the challenge, excited to get back into my old painting style.

The client wanted something to represent the conflict on Wall Street, a key talking point in his office. He was interested in the  ‘The Charging Bull on Wall Street’ ( which often associated with capitalism. Most will agree that capitalism is conflict both good and bad. However, right now many are innocent victims are suffering from the side effects of capitalism.

So he wanted to show the conflict in a painting - “the bad of Capitalism being represented by an animal i.e. the iconic Charging Bull” being fought “Good” being a represented by an equally powerful animal often associated with gentleness ; a bear”. Bears despite their obvious size advantage bears rarely attack and their diets are 80-90% plant based etc (no to mention bears association our childhood toys/cartoons).

So I set to work creating a large textured painting, using bright colours to lighten up his office and with a slight abstract style. We agreed on tall buildings, a road and flashes of yellow for taxis to represent the New York setting in the background of the painting. The foreground would be the bull and bear. 

I decided on cool purples and blues for the bull which are traditionally used to represent the ‘bad’, and then warmer yellows and oranges for the bear to portray the ‘good’. Purple and yellow are also opposites on the colour wheel, making them great colours to use together as they make each other stand out to make sure both subjects are noticed equally. 

I wanted to have the animals in interesting positions, not just charging at each other from opposite ends of the canvas. So I decided to paint them at slightly more interesting angles, giving the feeling of tension and anticipated conflict without showing them directly fighting.

I added some highlights with metallic paint at the end to give the painting some more depth, adding another texture when the light hits it. This painting was definitely a challenge for me but it was great to refresh my acrylic painting skills!


Tuesday, 4 September 2018

permanent job as a creative designer

Much to my delight, I have now been offered a full time permanent role as a Creative Designer for Microlearn. I found the 6 week work experience offer through the careers service at the University of Portsmouth, where I am just about to finish my MA Illustration degree. 

I managed to utilise the resources and information they equipped me with, including making a creative CV to impress them with, to secure the placement and now a great job. 

As the company is quite small I am excited to be included right at the beginning to see it grow and help develop it. 


My painting in Southern Nature Art Exhibition

Recently I had the pleasure of taking part in a local exhibition, the Southern Nature Art exhibition. There were a lot of fantastic artists included and I was pleased to be one of them. Although my painting didn't sell, I received some lovely feedback on the private view evening and one lady even voted for it as her favourite in their competition. 

I entered my 'Puffins' watercolour painting as it is one of my most popular works and it didn't disappoint. One lady told me it was zesty and that it made her smile which was lovely to hear. The other paintings in the show had a wide range of subject matter, from Scottish Wildcats to Elephants. As long as your work included some form of nature it could be entered. 

I was able to have a description of my practice next to my work as well as a link to my website, allowing me to showcase more than just my Puffins painting to interested viewers. This exhibition was a great experience to talk to other local artists, see the work they produce, get feedback and push my work into the world of art even more. I would definitely like to take part in it again next summer, hopefully with more than one piece of work. 

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Book accepted for Offset competition

To my delight, The Siren of Southsea has been accepted and included in the Offset 2018 artist book competition/exhibition and is now featured on their website:

This has been a great opportunity for me to show case my work alongside other artists and illustrators. Hopefully it will generate more interest in my book and result in it being displayed further.

Monday, 30 July 2018

Being a Creative Designer

I have recently started a 6 week contract as a creative designer for a company called Microlearn. Even though I have only been working it for a week I have already learnt so much.

They are a small company that make e-learning resources for businesses such as New Look. They create modules on subjects such as customer service and health and safety. These consist of bright engaging videos with quizzes. 
My job so far has been to make videos in their style, working from a voiceover script. I have to find, edit and animate appropriate images to match the script and time them with the voiceover. 
I have learnt a new software, Videoscribe, from doing this as well as developing new skills on Adobe Illustrator. 

I feel this role is very relevant to illustration. I am using a lot of skills learnt from my illustration MA course to help me achieve my goals in the workplace. It is challenging to think of images to convey the more abstract ideas such as 'welfare' or 'understanding', but being in a stimulating environment with other creatives helps to overcome issues and encourages me to think on my feet.

Hopefully in the future here I will also be creating posters and info graphics as well. I am pleased I managed to get this job as I don't have much video experience which I am now gaining for my portfolio. I hope this will help me obtain similar jobs in the future. 
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